00. 3G/4G LTE Routers & Gateways, Cloud Managed

00. 3G/4G LTE Cloud Routers & Gateways



Band 14, CAT 1, CAT 3, CAT 4, CAT 6 LTE Solutions

UPDATE - NEW !! - LP6 CAT 6 modems are: LTE Advanced Category 6, LTE/HSPA+ (SIM-based Auto-Carrier Selection for all N American carriers and European operators).  Integrated LP6 Cat 6 LTE Advanced LTE modem (with DC-HSPA+ failover) or LPE 4G LTE modem (with HSPA+/EVDO/3G and 2G failover) or LP3 4G LTE modem (with HSPA+ and 2G failover). 

Enterprise Branch Routers, M2M/IoT In-Vehicle Routers, Failover and Application Specific Routers and Small Business Routers; Managed with Cradlepoint NetCloud.


inHand Networks


M2M / IoT Industrial Solutions

Products: Industrial Router/Gateway, Industrial Ethernet Switch, Industrial Cellular Modem, WI-FI Router, Industrial Computer

IoT Solutions: Smart Grid, Inidustrila Automation, Transportation, Health Care, Financial Retail, Environement, Smart City.



Cisco Delivers Innovative Compact Routers to Enable Vending Machines, Vehicles and Medical Equipment to Join the 'Internet of Things'.

Cisco 819 ISR Machine-to-Machine Gateway Enables Business Innovation and Productivity by Extending Corporate Network Services to Billions of Non-Traditional IP Devices Such as ATMs, Service Vehicles, Digital Billboards and Vending Machines.



Peplink offers Simple, unbreakable Branch Networking Anywhere.  Connect, Monitor and Manage from the Cloud.

Products: Enterprise Router, 3G/4G LTE Cellular Router, Caching Router, WLAN, SOHO Networking, 4000 VPN Peer Capacity. 

Markets Served: Public Safety, Retail, Transportation, Maritime, Healthcare, M2M/IoT, Utilties / Constructions, Utilities, Hospitility, Broadcasting.

Advantech B&B


Advantech B&B Smartworx - Solutions: IOT & Network EGDE products, ENET serial Servers and Gateways, ENET Switches, Routers and Extenders, Media Converters, Serial Connectivity, Wireless & Cellular, Remote I/O, Telematics & MRM Solutions, Controllers & HMIS, Power supplies & Accessories.



maestro-wireless offers 4G LTE Routers (Indistrial grade for IoT Applications), GNSS Receivers, Trackers (A range of intelligent and customizable trackers), and Modems (Smart Modems for all Industrial cellular requirements). 



Cellular GoRugged Routers are industrial grade, easy-to-deploy, rugged and reliable cellular VPN gateway designed for M2M/IoT applications.  Cellular GoRugged Modems are cost-effective, easy-to-deploy industrial cellular modems optimized for M2M/IoT applications.  Robustel own developed M2M Platform makes end users much easier to config, control, manage and analyze your connected devices and applications.



Four-Faith focuses on R&D, production, promotion and service of internet of things products and industrial high-end wireless communication transmission equipments. Products line including: mountain torrent disaster warning broadcast equipment, LED wireless distribution system, wireless modem, wireless IP modem( DTU), wireless industrial router, GPS terminal, ZigBee terminal ect.

Encore Networks


Encore Networks is a leader in secure, IP+Legacy Virtual Private Network (VPN) routers for converged and broadband solutions for M2M, SCADA, Smart Grid and industrial applications. Encore’s environmentally and electrical immunity hardened (rugged) routers use innovative VPN and security solutions for wireless, satellite, and terrestrial networks that support both legacy devices and Internet Protocol (IP) routing standards.