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Part Number: IBR650C-LPE-VZ
Model:  IBR650C-LPE-VZ    Critical M2M and in-vehicle/mobile applications (NO WIFI)


The Cradlepoint COR IBR600C Series routers are semi-ruggedized compact routers with embedded modems that enable wired or wireless WAN connectivity using 4G LTE, 3G EVDO, or HSPA+ for M2M and in-vehicle applications. This cloud-managed routing platform supports Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine and the Extensibility Platform to meet a wide range of fixed and mobile customer connectivity needs.

Embedded cellular modems with multi-carrier software-defined radios support 4G LTE and EVDO fallback on Verizon and Sprint, and HSPA+ fallback on AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States. The IBR600 series has one wired Gigabit Ethernet for WAN and/or LAN connectivity, one 10/100 Ethernet port, and 2.4 GHz WiFi. The IBR600C Series is built to provide excellent reliable connectivity for kiosks, surveillance cameras, and digital signs, as well as Parallel Networking, in-vehicle and other industrial, retail, and M2M applications.


●Embedded 100/50 Mbps Category 3 modem supports Verizon and Sprint with 4G LTE and 3G EVDO fallback
●Multi-carrier software-define radios also support AT&T and T-Mobile with 4G LTE and HSPA+ fallback
●Fully supported in Cradlepoint NetCloud: cloud management, cloud networking
●Semi-ruggedized for industrial and in-vehicle applications
      ◦Supports Router SDK and NCM API
      ◦COR Extensibility Dock
      ◦Dual-modem support with MC400
      ◦2 extra 10/100 Ethernet ports
      ◦2×10 connector for extra GPIOs
      ◦5 V DC 50 mA sensor power
      ◦Redundant power supply capable
●Sleep Mode / Ignition Sensing
●Passive GPS (not recommended for vehicle tracking)


Technical Specifications


●Dual-modem capable with optional COR Extensibility Dock
●WiFi as WAN*, with WPA2 Enterprise Authentication for WiFi as WAN
●Load Balancing
●Advanced Modem Failure Check
●WAN Port Speed Control
●WAN/LAN Affinity
●IP Passthrough

*-IBR600C-LPE only


●VLAN 802.1Q
●DHCP Server, Client, Relay
●DNS and DNS Proxy
●Multicast/Multicast Proxy
●QoS (DSCP and Priority Queuing)
●MAC Address Filtering


●802.11 b/g/n
●Up to 64 connected devices

●Multiple SSIDs
●WPA2 Enterprise WiFi
●Hotspot/Captive Portal
●SSID-based Priority
●Client Mode for faster data offload

*-IBR600C-LPE only


●Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager1
●Data Usage Alerts (router and per client)
●Advanced Troubleshooting (support)
●Device Alerts
●SMS control
●Serial Redirector
●Auto APN Recovery


●IPsec Tunnel – up to five concurrent sessions
●GRE Tunnel
●Route Filters (Access Control Lists, Prefix Filters, Route Maps, Communities for BGP)
●Per-Interface Routing
●Routing Rules
●Policy-based Routing
●NAT-less Routing
●Virtual Server/Port Forwarding
●VTI Tunnel support2
●OpenVPN support2
●CP Secure VPN compatible
●Serial PAD Mode


●RADIUS and TACACS+ support*
●802.1x authentication for Ethernet
●Zscaler integration2
●Certificate support
●MAC Address Filtering
●Advanced Security Mode (local user management only)
●Per-Client Web Filtering
●IP Filtering
●Content Filtering (basic)
●Website Filtering
●Zone-Based Object Firewall with host address (IP or FQDN), port, and MAC address

*-Native support for authentication. Authorization and accounting support through hotspot/captive portal services.

1 – NetCloud Manager requires a subscription.
2 – Requires an Extended Enterprise License or NetCloud Manager PRIME.



●Dual-modem capable with optional COR Extensibility Dock
●Integrated LPE modem
●Two LAN/WAN switchable Ethernet ports (one 10/100/1000 and one 10/100) - one default WAN (cable/DSL/T1/satellite/Metro Ethernet)
●WiFi as WAN, Metro WiFi; 2×2 MIMO "N" 2.4 GHz; 802.11 b/g/n (IBR600C-LPE only)


●2×2 MIMO "N" 2.4 GHz WiFi; 802.11 b/g/n (IBR600C-LPE only)
●Two LAN/WAN switchable Ethernet ports (one 10/100/1000 and one 10/100) - one default LAN


●2-wire GPIO
●Add more GPIO ports with optional 9-wire GPIO cable or COR Extensibility Dock (see Accessories section below)
●USB 2.0
●Two Ethernet LAN or WAN
●Two cellular antenna connectors (SMA)
●Two WiFi antenna connectors* (reverse SMA)
●15-pin dock port for COR Extensibility Dock or 9-wire GPIO cable

*-IBR600C-LPE only


●-20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F) operating


●5% to 95% operating
●5% to 95% storage


●DC input steady state voltage range: 9-33 VDC (requires inline fuse for vehicle installations)
●For 9-24 VDC installations, use a 3 A fuse
●For > 24 VDC installations, use a 2.5 A fuse
●Reverse polarity and transient voltage protection per ISO 7637-2
●Ignition sensing (automatic ON and time-delay OFF)
●Power consumption:
●Idle: 4 W
●WiFi Tx/Rx: 9 W
●LTE Tx/Rx: 6.25 W
●12 VDC / 2 A adapter recommended


●2.4 GHz: 18 dBm conducted


●4.6 × 4.5 × 1.2 in (118 × 113.5 × 29.3 mm)


●14 oz. (400 g)


●WiFi Alliance* - 802.11 b/g/n certified
●Safety: UL/CUL, CB Scheme, EN60950-1
●Shock/Vibration/Humidity: compliant with MIL STD 810G and SAEJ1455
●Materials: WEEE, RoHS, RoHS-2, California Prop 65
●Telecom: PTCRB/CTIA

*-IBR600C-LPE only


●Ruggedized router with integrated business-class 3G/4G modem; includes integrated mounting plate
●Quick Start Guide with warranty information
●External 3G/4G mobile broadband modem antennas (2) (SMA) w/ support for GPS on auxiliary connection (some models); finger tighten only
●External WiFi antennas (2) (reverse SMA*), < 5 dBi gain, finger tighten only
●12 V / 2 A power supply w/ locking connector; DC GPIO/power cable available
●Extra SIM door screws (2)

*-IBR600C-LPE only


WAN Security – NAT, SPI, ALG, inbound filtering of IP addresses, port blocking, service filtering (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, RPL, SNMP, DNS, ICMP, NNTP, POP3, SSH), protocol filtering, WAN ping (allow/ignore)
Intelligent Routing – DMZ, virtual server/port forwarding, routing rules, NAT-less routing, route management, content filtering, IP filtering, website filtering, per-client Web filtering, local DHCP server, DHCP client, DHCP relay, DNS, DNS proxy; ALGs: PPTP, SIP, TFTP, FTP, IRC; MAC address filtering, Dynamic DNS, LAN/WAN affinity, VLAN 802.1Q, multicast proxy support, IP setting overrides, IPv6 support
Management – NetCloud Manager: cloud-enabled management and application platform (subscription-based); web-based GUI (local management), optional RADIUS or TACACS+ username/password; remote WAN web-based management w/ access control (HTTP, HTTPS); SNMP v1, v2c, & v3; CLI over SSH, SSH to serial, SSH to telnet; API; one-button firmware upgrade; modem configuration, update, and management; modem data usage w/ alerts, per-client data usage; custom AT scripting to modems
Performance & Health Monitoring – Advanced QoS with traffic shaping, with DSCP/DiffServe QoS, Modem Health Management (MHM) improves connectivity of modem, WAN port speed control, several levels of basic and advanced logging for troubleshooting
VPN (IPsec) – Tunnel, NAT-T, and transport modes; connect to Cradlepoint, Cisco/Linksys, CheckPoint, Watchguard, Juniper, SonicWall, Adtran and others; certificate support; Hash (MD5, SHA128, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512), Cipher (AES, 3DES, DES); support for two concurrent connections, GRE tunneling


●CradleCare Support available in the US and Canada with technical support, software upgrades, and advanced hardware exchange – 1-, 3-, and 5-year options
●Three-year limited hardware warranty available world-wide on IBR600B/IBR650B series products when purchased from an approved Cradlepoint Partner or Distributor – extend warranty to 5 years

Cradlepoint offers several accessory options for extensibility, power and antennas:

●COR Extensibility Dock (Part # 170675-000)
●9-wire power & GPIO cable (Part #170680-000)

Vehicle options
●Vehicle locking power adapter for COR (Part # 170635-000)
●Two meter locking power and GPIO cable (direct wire) (Part # 170585-000)

Power Supplies/Adapters
●North America COR IBR600C-LPE/IBR650C-LPE power supply (Part # 170716-000)
●Barrel to 4-pin power adapter (Part # 170665-000)

ANTENNAS – 3G/4G Modem, WiFi
●700 MHz – 2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna (Yagi/Log- Periodic) Part #: 170588-000
●12” Mag-Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector Part #: 170605-000
●4” Mini Mag-Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector Part #: 170606-000
●Universal 3G/4G/LTE Modem Antenna Part #: 170649-000
●Multi-Band Omni-Directional Antenna Part #: 170668-000
●Indoor/Outdoor Panel Patch Part #: 170669-000
●Universal LTE/4G/3G / 2dBi/3dBi antenna with SMA connector for all AER, ARC, COR, and MC400 products (Part # 170704-001)

See in Antenna Accessories page for more information about antennas


COR IBR600C-LPE/IBR650C-LPE models include an integrated 4G LTE/HSPA+/EVDO modem – specific model names include a specific modem (e.g., the COR IBR650C-LPE-VZ includes a Verizon LTE modem).

●Technology: LTE, HSPA+, EVDO Rev A
Downlink Rates: LTE 100 Mbps, HSPA+ 21.1 Mbps, EVDO 3.1 Mbps (theoretical)
Uplink Rates: LTE 50 Mbps, HSPA+ 5.76 Mbps, EVDO 1.8 Mbps (theoretical)
●Frequency Bands:
      ◦LTE: Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 4 – AWS (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 13 (700 MHz), Band 17 (700 MHz), Band 25 (1900 MHz)
      ◦HSPA+/UMTS: (850/900/1900/2100 MHz, AWS)
      ◦GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
      ◦CDMA EVDO: Rev A/1xRTT (800/1900 MHz)

●Power: LTE 23 dBm ± 1; HSPA+ 23 dBm ± 1; EVDO 24 dBm ± 1 (typical conducted)
Antennas: two SMA male (plug), finger tighten only (maximum torque spec is 7 kgf/cm2)
●GPS: passive, muxed on aux port
●Industry Standards & Certs: FCC, WiFi Alliance (IBR600C-LPE only), AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Verizon NEMO/DMNR for Primary Wireless Access
●SIM: two 2FF slots

Below is a list of carrier-supplied modems compatible with the IBR600C.

      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-AT

Band 14 Public Safety LTE
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400L2

Bell Mobility (CA)
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN

Rogers (CA)
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4

      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-SP
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Franklin Wireless U772 [Franklin U772 Smart USB Modem]

T-Mobile (USA)
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6

      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4

      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP4
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LP6
      ◦Cradlepoint MC400LPE-VZ



NEMA Enclosure Kit

NEMA Enclosure Kit- Model 184375-000KIT
NEMA Enclosure Kit - NEMA enclosure for ARC/COR- Model 184375-000
NEMA Enclosure Kit- Strain Relief Connector- Model 170615-000
NEMA Enclosure Kit- Premium-Grade Steel Backplane- Model 170614-000

COR Extensibility Dock

COR Extensibility Dock


Multi-Band Omni-Directional Antenna- Model 170586-000
Outdoor Panel Patch (Directional Patch)- Model 170587-000
700 MHz - 2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna (Yagi/Log- Periodic)- Model 170588-000
12” Mag-mount antenna with SMA Male Connector- Model 170605-000
4” Mini mag-mount antenna with SMA Male Connector- Model 1170606-000
2.4GHz WiFi Antenna (1x)


GPIO Cable Accessory

COR Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Power Supply

COR Wall Power Adapter
International Wall Power Adapter (12v) for CradlePoint Routers, Adapters & Bridges

Enterprise Cloud Manager, ECM

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager
●WiPipe Central Management Software
Extended Enterprise License

CradlePoint - Extended Enterprise License (EEL)

CradlePoint - Extended Enterprise License (EEL)


For Complete Technical Support, Application Notes and Manuals, please visit:

Visit Eddy Wireless Technical Support Page


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AeriaFlex™ AeriaFlex™
In-Door Antenna
$128.30 *
Cradlepoint (ECM) Enterprise Cloud Manager Cradlepoint (ECM) Enterprise Cloud Manager
Optional - Cloud Manager Software
starting at $32.00 *
AP 7522E- Access Point AP 7522E- Access Point
Access Point
starting at $395.00 *
AP 650- Access Point AP 650- Access Point
Access Point starting at $495.00 *
AP 8232- Access Point AP 8232- Access Point
Access Point
starting at $1,145.00 *
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