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Features Outline

• 17.6 dBi peak nominal gain

• Omnidirectional Antenna
• Elegant, robust, and discreet
• Completely sealed and waterproof (also suitable for marine environments)
• More gain than similarly-sized antennas
• Near 100% efficiency operation
• Light, compact, robust, and durable
• Ground plane reduces downward-radiation waste
• Stainless steel ground plane and mount Connector(s) Model Qty Price
• Built using industrial-strength standards

Applications Outline
• On-roof (pole/mast mount) antenna
• On-tripod antenna for in-field applications
• Marine antenna with stainless steel strength

Worldwide support for all 2G/3G/4G/LTE/XLTE/AWS/WiMAX/Wi-Fi bands


Data Sheet: WirEng UniAnt Omnidirectional antenna

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